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Artist Bio

Galvanized by pop culture, fortified  by astonishing  comic books, and  mesmerized by inspiring cinema, Brian  was Frankensteined together. After the smoke cleared and he rose from the operating table he began to create from his imagination. 

Together we can get through this

sketch and promo videos!!!

Wonder Woman sketch

Galaxycon 2020 promo video

Stan Lee sketch


Justar #1

coming soon!! Justar #1 featuring the Titan of Tidewater, the Hero of Hampton Roads, and the cavalier of Coastal Virginia. Is he invincible? Where did he come from? And how does he feel about local traffic when it’s raining? Find out this issue!! 


The Elusive Shot 1


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The elusive shot number one. This is where it all began. Introducing an ensemble of eclectic stories that portray justice, exploration, and revenge!! This curtain opens to a hero protecting his city, a villains quest, a hero's  journey to save her people, and another day in the job for a burntout employee. get your today!!


The Elusive Shot 2


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the adventure continues as these short stories tell a tale of greed, Mayhem , and lust for power Foreshadowed by the awakening of justice. Will the titan of tidewater foil the henchmen’s evil plot? Will a crew of special opratives deflate a villain who is full of hot air?  Find out in this installment of The Elusive Shot!!


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